After an initial meeting in our showroom, a designer will then visit your property to discuss your project in depth, complete a checklist, take measurements, note sources of natural light and possibly even take a few photographs. We will then prepare some drawings incorporating your practical, ergonomic and aesthetic requirements.

Once we have reached final agreement with your design (usually after another 2-3 meetings) we are ready to sign contracts and your new commission can be ordered for production.

At this stage, if a third party is building or preparing the project area, full gas, plumbing and electrical plans (including lighting) will be supplied, ensuring that all services are in the right place ready for your new furniture and any appliances to be installed.

The ‘design process’ will normally take 3-4 weeks and the furniture takes on average 6-8 weeks to make and be delivered, please allow another 8-10 days for installation. You can then enjoy the beauty  and the benefits for many years.

Our service throughout is reassuringly, outstanding.